“Apple ID not used with iTunes Store”

When trying to use the App Store to buy the Lion OS upgrade for my new Mac I got this message:

This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store. Please review your account information.
Cancel       Review

I just got my Apple ID so I could buy Lion, of course it hasn’t been used with iTunes. I verified my email and account information. What’s this all about?

I can log in to my id at https://appleid.apple.com without problems. I was able to use the id to log into Apple’s support forum. So at some level the id is working.

When clicking on the Review button it talks about checking cookies and checking the computer date/time but nothing that is relevant for my situation.

I launched the iTunes application and somehow entered my credit card associated with my Apple ID. Then I downloaded a free talk from Stanford just to see that things were working.

Trying iTune again and I cannot sign in to my account. I get the same old error message.

How do I get my Apple ID to work for buying things?

Searching with Goggle finds millions of people with the same error message but no solution for this case. There was no response in the support forum either.

Evenually I figured out a solution.


If your new apple id doesn’t work, create a new one and do it using iTunes.